Blackbird singing in the dead of night, take these broken wings and learn to fly... All your life, you were only waiting for this moment to arise... blackbird singing in the dead of night, take these sunken eyes and learn to see all your life, you were only waiting for this moment to be free

Thursday, February 19, 2004

a) the triple rock has redesigned their website to include food, photos, and more great info

2) i was at the triple rock last night for the greatest show i almost missed. Dre Day 2004. The second annual celebration of the life of Andre Young - yesterday was his 39th birthday. This great celebration was put on by the crazy skater boys at life sucks die magazine and had incredible music sets by heiruspecs and the entire rhymesayers crew. It also featured the return of the $20 sack pyramid. Heiruspecs took the stage to do some great Dre and Snoop Dogg covers. Muad'ib sounding especially impressive with the Snoop vocals. After a short break Heiruspecs band got back on stage and was shortly joined by Eyedea, Felipe from Los Nav, Brother Ali, Slug, I-Self, Musab and probably some others that I really shouldn't be forgetting right now, for some great freestyle to the back beat of Dre produced tunes. It was a great time. We were dancing, there were 40s, and there was some camera guy who edged himself right in front of me for much of the freestyle. For me giving up a little bit of my front and center I better be seeing those photos in a full page glossy national magazine spread...
As for now... the ink isn't washing off the back of my hand, I hung my little Dre Day poster (that I took off the entrance to the 3rock) proudly in my cube (i've gotten quite a few positive comments on it already), I'm daydreaming of the most beautiful guy in Minneapolis who was also snapping quite a few photos at the show last night, and I should probably get some more sleep. Next year I'm taking the morning after Dre Day off.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

When I was in elementary school in North Dakota a friend of mine and I made up alternate words to this song in the hopes of making some sort of small fortune off of the sales to other fourth and fifth graders…
Unfortunately our genius was not nearly that of billy joel’s
thanks to useful noise for the link

Monday, February 16, 2004

I keep hearing about electability and this frightens me.
Why are we so focused on who the other guy would vote for? Don’t people realize that now, especially in the primaries and caucuses that are occurring, now is your chance much more than in the nationwide election to make your voice be heard. This is about you and your choice and picking the right candidate to represent you and your issues rather than voting based upon what your neighbor thinks is right and following suite. Am I missing something here? Granted my politics are much more radical than the people that I have chosen to support and so you may in fact call me somewhat of a hypocrite. I do believe that it is important to choose someone to bridge the gap between us all. However, don’t just give up and pick the guy everyone else is. This isn’t high school. It does remind me of it though. When I was a senior at my rather small school in northern Minnesota I decided that I wanted to be chosen as queen of our winter school festival called SnoBall. Since the decision was made rather democratically (we nominated people in our class and then those names were given to the student body to be voted on) I thought I had a rather good chance. All I had to do was get a nomination and then get my name out there to the rest of the student body on voting day. Most of the underclassman would not be familiar with the senior student names and with the help of some homemade posters and a handy catch phrase “Vote Christine for SnoQueen!” I had a fairly good chance at it. This was the route that we (a couple of my friends and I) undertook. My friend Maren even made up the two little posters to go up on the voting day. After the voting was in I found out that I had not been chosen as SnoQueen. This I could live with – evidently our tactics had not been effective as we had thought. What threw me the most however was that my dear friend Maren had decided not to vote for me on the basis that she didn’t think that I would win.
This is how our country is working. I just don’t get it.

Friday, February 06, 2004

thats it... i'm moving to france. americans are just to freaking prudish! not to mention lawsuit happy!

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

the absentee bloggert.

it's like my mom used to say: if you don't have anything interesting to blog, don't blog anything at all.

the one single guy in the office--who, don't worry, probably doesn't like girls anyway--filled me in on ms. jackson's little halftime oopsie. ((you see, the coworker is a devout J.T. idolizer.)) don't ask how i missed it, of course i sat through the whole boring first half of the game, then missed the janet nipshot. i haven't tried to download any nips, er...clips, yet, but word is there is a vertiable deluge.

i am currently addicted to postal service: "give up". i borrowed it from a friend, and am hoping i can make sure she forgets that i have it before she leaves the state in a few weeks. if only i were as cold-hearted a friend as that. i had track one (the district sleeps alone tonight) stuck in my head for all of Monday--probably means i'm addicted in a bad way.

as soon as i figure out how to add links (yes, i'm dense) my posts may gain a little more spice.

local kids do good.

when i was a teenager living in northern minnesota my family got the fargo forum delivered to my house. i was never terribly interested in the local news that was happening in the fargo/moorhead area as it were - but would skip ahead to the local movie reviews and read them with reckless abandon. the local reviewers would tell me what to expect, what to avoid, and of course what books the movies were based on so i could be sure to either read them first or read them instead of seeing the movie (because books are always better). my absolute favorite reviewer though was chuck klosterman. i would value his advice above all others... especially above tammy swift whom i couldn't trust at all with her puffy blond hair and super done up northwestern pretty mom face. since i'm super excitable about reminiscent stuff and my roots and all... i you know... feel happy when i hear that my favorite little reviewer is currently an editor for spin magazine and that this little interview was linked on gawker. that makes me happy as well.

oh and i also can't forget to use my barnes and noble gift card to pick up the newest issue of spin which is evidently featuring slug on some article about emo-rap... whatever that is. he also was drinking at the cc club saturday night. i was also harassed by one of the wait staff, who when i emerged from the bathroom stall insisted that i "should leave" and that she "had been watching me". i'm not entirely sure why she was so insistent that i should leave. my slightly intoxicated behavior was - i assure you - not inappropriate or anything else that would require me to leave. we stayed for quite a while anyway. our server didn't seem to have any issues with me or my posse.