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Monday, July 14, 2008

taco wagon

The east side has a taco wagon and we couldn't be happier. Where else can you get two orders of tacos (one bisteak for sir and one frijole for me), an enchilada, two containers of salsa verde, and even a bag full of limes for $11 on a Sunday. Hello, dinner!

Sure the guy did look at me a little funny when we said that one of the taco orders would be just bean, "all of them bean?" yes, all of them. That's what I get for being the only vegetarian on the east side of St. Paul.

The taco wagon consisted of a white van lettered with the words "La Pueblita" on the side in bright colors and the actual wagon, which housed what would soon be our food and the three people working to get it to us. A little girl with big beautiful eyes sat in the van and two others ran around under some supervision on the grass next to where the van was parked.

The menu on the side of the wagon listed quite a variety of tacos and tortas for order and to my non spanish speaking relief (just about all I know from high school Spanish is "donde esta el bano?" which will some day I'm certain come in handy) the English translation was written out right below the Spanish. When the woman, whose eyes matched those of the girl in the van, handed us our food, all wrapped up nicely and ready to go we asked her how often they were there. Just the weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 5 until whenever people stop ordering.

We took our order home, sat out in the back, and ate it up with some chips and salsa that we had at the house already. Delicious. I can't wait til next weekend.