Blackbird singing in the dead of night, take these broken wings and learn to fly... All your life, you were only waiting for this moment to arise... blackbird singing in the dead of night, take these sunken eyes and learn to see all your life, you were only waiting for this moment to be free

Thursday, April 29, 2004

the funniest thing ever via New Yorkish
it makes me even more sorry that i missed the showing of tron at sound unseen this past fall... ahhh tron.... i get a little misty eyed when i see the simpsons version... pure genius...

this nifty little device would be so handy to have... there are many a show that i've come home from wishing i could have a copy of the songs that night. especially since i've been forced to listen to so many crappy recordings from cell phones and i'm not technologically inclined enough to think up my own way to do it...

Its Thursday today. All week I’ve been one day ahead. Not usually a good thing but this week it has been. Especially since I’m calling in sick tomorrow… so today is kind of like Friday, I have to get all my work done today.

Anyway. Been staying at the new place. I love it. Last night I was supposed to take my last trip of stuff over from the old place – well I moved my kitchen table and chairs (was going to leave them in my car last night, but there were other people out moving as well so I just hauled them in at 11pm). Tonight I have to get all my stuff out of the fridge and freezer – which really isn’t much at all and I have a basket of dirty clothes (which I’m throwing in my car to take home Friday night, I guess I still have a couple things in the bathroom drawer and a picture on the kitchen wall, and a couple things in downstairs storage… oh man and my bike. Will this never end!? Well, it will have to. I’ll go out to the old place after work and load up all that random stuff (try and get my bike in my car (eek) and take it back to the new apt. I’m also going to stay over at the old place tonight because we’re moving roommate out at 7am tomorrow morning. That’s a little early for my taste, but at least most of her stuff is all ready to go. We have been packing her for the last couple of nights (interspersed with my moving.)

I’m so excited for next week. I just want to be able to know that there is nothing left to move and then I can sit down and start putting things up and organizing. I have three sacks of dry groceries sitting on my kitchen counter. I need to get things put away. Amazingly enough I already have plans for Monday, Wednesday and Thursday with friends. And Swiss Army is playing on Friday at the Entry which we might try and see. Also I have a wedding to attend on Saturday. Oh boy. I’m just going to collapse from exhaustion pretty soon here.

Oh – and I love my new place. It’s tiny, with good sunlight, hardwood floors, and quiet. There are dogs in my building which are just adorable – I saw this young great dane leaving the other night as I was hauling stuff in… so cute. And since the weather has been nice I see them walking all over the place.
I think its going to be really good – this living on my own. Quite good.

Friday, April 23, 2004

Wow... thanks to CP Babelogue for noticing us and for the birthday wishes....

Wednesday, April 21, 2004


TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Your most important accomplishment this year has been to deepen your capacity for love. That alone should inspire you to leap up and sing a song of joy. More and more, you understand that in order to get the passionate affection you want, you simply have to give the passionate affection you want. If you continue to expand your generosity in the coming months, you will receive a flood of evidence about how beautiful you really are. That, in turn, will ensure that the influences you want to bring into your life will also be good for you.

Monday, April 19, 2004

edited... for now...

Birthday Week has commenced!
Sunday - Force college girl friends to eat delicious breakfast in my company at SunnySideUp Cafe. Accomplished! Jes, Katie, Kat, and Jill accompanied me for breakfast/lunch to open up my birthday week. I had my usual 5A (which will feed me for the next week) with scrambled eggs, whole wheat toast, veggies, potatoes and a whole lot of gooey cheese. Delicious! I do believe the winner of the meal though was Katie, who in her indecisive prime, made our server choose which meal she should order. The choice was the Cowboy Tort which almost everyone tried and decided they would certainly order next time.
Monday - Coffee. This shows how crazy I am. I had penciled in coffee for Monday which meant that I was to go to a coffee shop and write and drink coffee, because as it is something I enjoy doing - it is something that I rarely make time for. So tonight I'll be having some sort of caffeinated beverage on Lyndale while being interviewed by a friend of mine from college about an article he's writing for some online magazine. You must remain flexible in the plans you make.
Tuesday - 3Rock two-fers My favorite place for a cheap drink.
Wednesday - (actual birthday) Nachos and muchos friends at Little T's
Thursday - Skateboard shopping (unfortunately i won't be actually purchasing the skateboard yet... just doing my research). Also Dining Out for Life and book club. (I'm half way through the book - don't tell)
Friday - Was going to be girls night has now been delegated to "Pack the Kitchen with my roommate" night
Saturday - Moving day - that’s right. moving. Filling up an empty 15 passanger van with all my belongings and moving across town. I'm excited. Will most likely be celebrated that evening with cold Premium.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

So last night we didn’t make it to the 3Rock until much later than planned. It was still good to be there. D is freshly back from Italy and I have so much missed hanging out with her. She’s crazy and funny and the boys tend to hover around her (or maybe they were just trying to get through to the video games we were leaning against – whatever) and she continues to talk about how she just needs to find either some random to date or some good Christian boy to settle down with that will understand her restrictions etc. I told her good luck, because as far as I’ve seen, what she’s looking for is purely a myth propagated by parents and church leaders, no boys are ever that pure or understanding. Well we kept getting in the way of the people who wanted to play golden tee or the root beer game but that was mainly because we refuse to go into the new addition (granted I’ve been over there for shows and that’s about all its good for, in fact its great for that… but for a bar – no). We complained about the lack of old regulars, the twins – two boys that some how look so similar in their gorgeousness and yet completely different (one of whom I’ve renamed the most beautiful man in Minneapolis, he wanders around uptown with a camera and a skateboard… so lovely) the other that we were missing was Mr. Intriguing. Mr. Intriguing is this crazy eyed curly haired man who we always used to run into (not talk with) exchange crazy glances and raised eyebrows with at the old triple rock patio. Last night we had the realization that we have been going to the triple rock for four years now (some Tuesdays more regularly than others). He is one of whom it cannot be said is either attractive or not – he transcends all the normal classifications of our people watching. We hadn’t seen him in quite a while – granted D has been out of the country and its harder to go there in the winter or even if I start to think about the loss of the patio and all the new faces that are there – but he arrived last night at 1:30, just as we were leaving. We almost turned around and went back in, but really, we both had an early morning to look forward to, and we’ll be back next week. I mean next Tuesday after all is the night before my birthday… where else would I be? Oh and next week, I’m taking Wednesday morning off.